At A.W.O.L we provide you with a day you'll never forget, may it be for your Stag or Hen Party, a company outing, a get together of friends, team building, birthday party or just simply to let off some steam and go A.W.O.L.

When you go A.W.O.L you get the opportunity to play games never seen before on one of the most friendliest paintball sites in Ireland. At A.W.O.L you have the option of playing two fields, A.W.O.L FOREST or the all new A.W.O.L SPEEDBALL ARENA, all in one perfect location.

When you come to AWOL you get to use some of the best Paintball equipment around.
At A.W.O.L. we aim to provide you with all the equipment you need to enjoy the day.

  • Protective overalls
  • Body armour
  • A V-Force Face Mask
  •  A stormtrooper helmet
  • A Semi-automatic paintball gun
  • A 400 round battle pack

We pride ourselves on the equipment levels we maintain.

Before the session begins, one of our trained staff will give a short safety briefing outlining our site rules and how to properly use our equipment.

You will be entrusted to handle all of the equipment from the moment you arrive until you hand it all back having finished your last game.

Enjoy Paintball (includes 300 Paintballs)

Enjoy Paintball II (includes 400 Paintballs)

Experience Paintball (includes 600 Paintballs)

Extreme Paintball (includes 1000 Paintballs)












Game Fields

A.W.O.L Paintball has two different games areas - the Speedball Arena and the Jungle Forest, all in one perfect location. So this means you can play as long as you like and you can play whatever games you like.

Speedball Arena
The speedball arena features a number of different themed areas and is great for spectators but even better for those taking part.

The themes include Scrapball, Baleout, Airball and Hyperball.

This is a unique experience in Ireland and provides great entertainment and adrenalin rush.

Speedball is fast and furious as it is up close and personal! Stay tight behind your cover and watch your sides. It is so close you will even see the white's of your opponents eyes as they attack you straight on.

The Forest
We have incorporated a number of features to make the experience more exciting and invigorating. These include bunkers, huts, a jungle, bridges, forts, an ammo dump, aeroplane, oil dump and much more. So plenty of places to hide out and lay in wait to attack the opposition.

This arena provides a variety of different games each with a different mission. So whether it is your first time at The Forest or if you are coming back for more, we can make your adventure different and challenging.

  • Escort the president and VIPs
  • Retrieve the code
  • Hunt the Oil Barons
  • Hostage Rescue
  •  Ambush Ally
  • Annihilator
  • The Fort Attack & Defend
  • Recon

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